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Lisa Hilbert

Team building

“What? You want us to climb up a 10-metre high wall?”

“I’ll never make it!”

These were some of the responses to the announcement of our team event at the rock wall in the Rhön Mountains.

On a warm summer day, we made our way to the Rhön Mountains. The team’s excitement was palpable in the air. Upon arriving at the stone wall, we were greeted by our climbing guides Tjorm and Fritz. Their attempts to take away the team’s fears ultimately failed once they were actually confronted with the wall.

Nevertheless, they passed out all the climbing gear and explained the most important basic climbing techniques. The team’s trust was put to the test in particular, as each climber had to be secured by two to three persons.

Small groups were quickly formed and the first team member was able to climb the wall. In alternating turns, each member made it all the way up to the top of the wall. Various techniques were used and exchanged among the participants. More fearful team members were motivated by the ones who had already succeeded in climbing the wall.

A well-coordinated team is the key to operative success!

This team event made a further contribution to the success of our team. Courage and trust were reinforced – which are characteristics that the team also needs in their daily project work.

Courage – to risk the final deal in order to get the optimum result for our client.

Trust – in management, team colleagues and in one’s self. Trust in knowing that you can do the impossible.