Key moments.

The deciding factors for a sale were, of course, the expansion of the business as well as securing the future of existing sites and staff. Also, the ever-advancing globalization of the company played a role. I can’t remember a precise point at which a decision was made. But there were many key moments.

And these led us to say:

“Let’s think about a sale.”


When enquiries into our business and our products increased, we set up a process. With his manner and expertise, Mr. Sonntag conveyed a feeling of trust. And that he continually stood by his word and made good on his promises convinced us.

The buyer.

The requirements and terms we had for our buyer and new partner? A solid business and strong financial position – in Europe and around the world.


Confidentiality – especially internally – was an utmost priority. We did not want our employees to realize a sale was being considered. Our maxim was: work discreetly. To be accompanied throughout the process by not only an adviser, but a friend and business partner, was important.

I never dreamed we’d have that.

If you’re considering a sale, I can only recommend working with a consultant instead of trying to save on the service. The questions, discussions and challenges you’ll face, as well as the additional strain and workload, are only manageable with a strong partner. sonntag kept its promise to us in this case and supported us in every way possible.

Nothing’s changed for me.

I’m still part of the team. I still work strategically to keep putting the child – which we raised and now married off – on the market. It’s just that I now have a partner – the new owner of the company.

Living the dream.

Riding a Harley has always been my dream. And to be able to do it now, with friends and acquaintances, is fun and relaxing.

Time for leisure activities.

They say you get on your bike and feel free. Now, I couldn’t agree more. I enjoy the landscapes and live my biker’s dream to the max.

I’m looking forward to it!

I still need to find a way to spend more time on my other hobby – diving. I’ve neglected it in these past few years, so now it makes me happy to be able to dedicate some more time to it. I am looking forward to that, for sure.