What does the future hold?

I am over 70. When you’re at that age, you regularly think about the future and how it will go for you.

How will I pave the way for my successors?

When I received my diagnosis, and found that I was gravely ill, I immediately decided to trigger the process of selling the business and creating a succession plan.

Trust connects us.

Coincidentally, I received a letter from sonntag just at that moment. What I found extremely positive while working with Mr. Sonntag was that he supported me throughout the process, advised me thoroughly and was very transparent about his actions. It made me feel safe and created a trusting bond between us.


I wanted to enable the business to continue existing in the future. That’s why the premise – and my main focus – was getting a deal that allowed the 90 employees to keep their jobs while still realizing the highest bid possible.



I realized that, within the process, it was more important than ever to remind myself to have patience. The decision, the plan of action, organizing the future – these things take time to manage and execute. Of course, it’s completely worthwhile in the end – especially, when you receive the effective and actual appraisal of the business.


Within the process sonntag managed to research 200 potentially interested parties, from which we selected 15 high-potential contacts to meet with. Of course, this was only possible with the help of an expert that had enough experience to tackle these topics with thoughtfully and rationally.


Today, I can’t say I miss anything from my former – professional – life. Even when I was still working full-time I would often think about spending more time on the water.

Using my free time.

After successfully selling the company, my wife and I decided to buy a boat and live to the fullest on a daily basis. We’re glad and grateful to still regularly spend our free time on the water today and couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy life.

Being a doer.

As I have a knack for DIY, I construct and build anything that’s needed around the house or garden. An activity that truly enriches my life. When someone told me I was a doer, they were right.

Setting goals.

I am as goal-oriented in my private life as I was professionally. When I get the chance to make decisions or take on the organization of projects, I am at my happiest. If I wouldn’t get the chance to participate in those things, I think my life would only be half as enjoyable!