Selling a company with
sonntag corporate finance

What are your motives for selling a company?

The reasons for selling a business are diverse and very personal. The requirements for the handover of a family business in the 5th generation or an unemotional exit could not be more different. Accordingly, we develop a tailor-made project plan and coordinate the approach closely with you at all times.

Succession planning

Age-related succession planning has become the exception rather than the rule. Entrepreneurs usually find themselves stuck in a “rat race”, from which they would like to escape in order to reap the rewards of business ownership much earlier by selling the business. Therefore, it is important to bring a partner on board who will manage the succession and take the burden off the owner’s shoulders as early as possible.

Personal reasons

Unexpected events such as illness, accident or the simple desire for change can suddenly bring up the question of a successor to continue running the company. After all, many entrepreneurs are confronted with the reality of life and want to spend more time with their families and hobbies again. Sometimes the desire for a secure retirement is enough to initiate the succession process.

Strategic reasons

The company should grow, remain economically agile and profitable as well as competitive. In this case, the sale of company shares can be a solution to bring someone on board who can optimise the complex work processes, adapt structures and initiate measures to avert the threat of insolvency or simply generate new business or product areas.

Our service offer

Anonymous bidding process

We generate real offers on an anonymous basis. Without revealing your identity, you find out what the market can really offer for your company.

Company sale

After we have determined the market value for you, we support you in the transaction all the way to the actual inflow of funds.


If necessary, we supplement our work with experienced and highly competent partners and experts from our network, such as lawyers, tax consultants or DD auditors. We take care of communication and process coordination.

Transaction preparation

Through customised structuring, we optimise your company from a tax perspective together with our partners in order to achieve the maximum purchase price.