I am selling!

About half a year before my final decision, I thought about selling the business for the first time. I wasn’t feeling my best health-wise at the time. On top of that, I then suffered a personal tragedy. I guess that was the point when I knew: I am selling now!

It can’t go on like this!

I realized I couldn’t manage my job and be an integral part of my family at the same time. I simply wasn’t going to be able to do both well. So I started looking for someone to take my place and continue as I would, so I could rest easy when I dedicated more time to myself and my loved ones.

New frontiers.

At first, I approached the whole process quite naively. It’s not every day that you sell a company.

The ideal buyer.

It was especially important for me that our adviser, sonntag, handled the entire process as discreetly as possible. Some terms close to my heart I directed at the potential buyers: I wanted the business to remain owner-managed and I also wanted my staff to walk out of the process with good future perspectives.


During the sales process, I learned that I need to be patient. A sale isn’t done in two weeks or even two months. Actually it took me two years!

It was good for me to free my mind!

A lot of people are saying how I have changed – how they don’t really recognize me anymore. I am laughing, even beaming with joy. Now, after the sale, the best thing for me is the feeling that I am free and do not need to take on responsibility for an entire company anymore. At the time, I could hardly find the energy to meet up with friends after a day’s work. I simply invested every minute into my business.

Enjoy life.

Things have changed! I approach each day with an open mind and enjoy every moment. My family definitely has top priority now. I have a lot of catching up to do on that front. Also, I had to learn to use my new-found freedom.

A matter of the heart.

Currently I am independent and I want to make full use of that. Especially now that I am fulfilling one of my biggest dreams. I found myself at the Porsche dealer before but my head had said “no” and I left without buying. But now, that I and my lifestyle have changed, I leave the decision-making to my heart instead.


It’s my turn now!

It makes me happy to get in my car every morning, step on the gas, and start enjoying. It makes me smile the whole day.