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sonntag corporate finance

You intend to acquire a company?

There are many reasons for acquiring one or more companies. Do you want to grow, secure know-how or employees, enter the market or consolidate competition? As a professional and experienced M&A advisor, we are happy to provide you with all the necessary support.

Services we offer

Identification of target companies

We use a structured process to identify suitable target companies according to your search profile. We analyse and evaluate them for you.

Acquisition process

We coordinate a strategic, active purchase process and communicate your purchase interest to suitable target companies. We support you until a successful closing.


If necessary, we round out our work with experienced and highly competent partners and experts from our network including lawyers, tax consultants and DD auditors. We handle and coordinate communications and processes.

Buyer database

We will be happy to list you in our database as an actively seeking buyer. As soon as a potential sale matches your search criteria, we will present it to you free of charge and without obligation.

The acquisition process

Phase I: Selection and evaluation

Phase II: Process support

  • 1.

    Fine-tuning of the acquisition profile and screening of suitable target companies

  • 2.

    Approval of the potential target companies short-list

  • 3.

    Preparing meaningful process documents such as cover letters

  • 4.

    Contacting target companies and correspondence

  • 5.

    Evaluating interested target companies

  • 6.

    Summary of market approach, benchmarking and decision making

  • 1.

    Preparation of preliminary offers

  • 2.

    Initial meetings with potential sellers

  • 3.

    Company analysis based on a reduced data room

  • 4.

    Drafting and negotiation of a letter of intent

  • 5.

    Coordination and support of due diligence

  • 6.

    Coordination of the purchase agreement draft and negotiation

Our experience is your advantage


Clients ✓

We simultaneously support more than 50 entrepreneurs in the sales process. Attractive target companies can frequently be found among them. We welcome you to the process free of charge.


Contacts ✓

We talk to over 500 entrepreneurs a year who are willing to sell. We can help create the contact. In addition, we are in close contact with financial investors, SMEs and corporate groups.

Industry experience

Industry experience ✓

We have broad industry experience from plant engineering to temporary employment – we have the contacts and the right approach.

Dealing with sellers

Dealing with sellers ✓

Having successfully advised well over 100 SME entrepreneurs, we know how their decision-makers think and act, especially when they want to sell their “life’s work”. We speak the language of small and medium-sized businesses.

Trust and brand

Trust and brand ✓

Our brands are known by the target group and enjoy a high level of trust. This trust enables us to place you as a solid buyer.