Alone in the company?

The topic of the company sale came up, when different shareholders had already reached a certain age and no one else wanted to continue the business. The unspoken question was: Do I take over their shares or do we sell en bloc? We then decided for the latter, since neithe I nor the other shareholders had direct successors who could have continued our business. Therefore we found the solution most reasonable.

Get a taste of the market air.

We just wanted to undertake our company a market value determination and therefore decided on sonntag. The indications we received then surprised us a lot, as there wasa huge range from “unacceptable” to “wow effect” in over 30 offers. From that point on, we were sure that we had to deal with the fact that the company is actually being sold. We would never have expected that response.

Responsible for the right decision.

The concerns of the sale were of course already there: What happens when the company is sold? Who do I have to deal with, especially if I stay in the company? You also have a certain responsibility for the employees.

Professional support.

We have always felt in good hands and professionally adviced. SCF supported us very much. Especially when creating the extensive data space. Without professional help, it is almost impossible to put together nearly gigabytes of documents. Otherwise it would not have been possible to achieve the purchasing price we had strived for.

Keep moving.

Of course, during the process, the company had to keep going so we would be able to continue proofing good numbers. It took a bit of work on us, but I have also learned a lot, so that the effort in the end was manageable.

Groundbreaking discussions.

Very interesting were the first meetings with the potential buyers. From over 400 interested parties, we have looked out 10-15 companies, with whom we have previously held interviews – to find out who suits us and with whom we want to have deeper conversations. That ultimately led us to the great partner who has actually taken over.

I stay!

Part of the deal was, that after the sale of the company, I still serve as CEO in the company, which benefited me as I still wanted to work for a few more years. This enables me to set up the next management level so that I can peacefully hand over my company in the near future.

Set the course in good times.

Rather thinking of the sale in time and do not wait too long. The know-how of the entrepreneur should remain in the company for a few more years after the sale. If you are really too old or maybe not so strong any more, this can become a problem.

Step forward.

The best part of the decision to sell the company was actually that the load was taken from my shoulders and I have secured the private. It is pacifying to know that there are other tasks to come in a few years – and definitely more time for the family, the dog and my hobbies!