Lisa Hilbert

Company evaluation for free

You already know us as market leader, who has established the highly discrete determination of the actual value of the company in form of the anonymous market value determination. Our approach – and this is demonstrated every single day – is clearly more successful than the theoretical company assessment.
Because, as is well-known, what is worth nothing can not cost anything, you will get the theoretical evaluation free of charge. We are convinced that with our anonymous bidding process we will generate a significantly higher purchase price for you and will offer evidence.

Ask for the rating class!

In order to be neutral on the evaluation, it will be carried out by a renowned and independent institute. We will bear all costs for this. You will then receive a comprehensive value indication that is based on the highest standard currently available on the market.

The financial value determined in this way serves as the leveling board for our performance. We are happy to prove that we are able to get you a lot more: the actual purchase prices, which we determine with the anonymous market value determination in the market, are about 60% above the theoretical valuation.
Please feel free to contact us. We will then provide you with a confidentiality declaration. This ensures that all further steps are subject to the necessary discretion. If all required documents are available, you will receive the theoretical company evaluation at the latest after two weeks. This serves you and us as an efficient basis for a first joint meeting.

Access the phone or write us an e-mail: We are looking forward to the proof!